Sleepover (Sleeping at St. Paul’s School)

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This activity takes place at the beginning of each school year, at the end of the first week of classes. Its aim is to provide a special occasion for socialising and sharing. Students are thus invited to have dinner and to spend the night at school. While the younger children ‘camp out’ in their classrooms, the older children bring tents from home and set them up outdoors, on the artificial turf of our different sports facilities.

From late afternoon until the evening, numerous activities are held, such as games, stories and skits, for young students, concerts performed by various student bands and a mega outdoor disco, organised by the older students. It is even possible to have performances by the students participating in our extracurricular activities (music, dance, theatre) and also one of the most iconic moments, a huge bonfire, around which everyone comes together in joy and celebration.

On the following morning, the school opens its doors and invites all parents / guardians to have breakfast with students and teachers. This activity is seen by all as an important jump-start for the beginning of the school year, which fills us all with pride and willpower to face the hard work that awaits us.