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Coimbra Music Academy – Academia de Música de Coimbra

St. Paul’s School celebrated a partnership with the Coimbra Music Academy so that together we can promote music with a new perspective that can actually make a difference. Such an initiative advocates the idea that music is a fundamental contribution to a humanistic education of a high standard, taking into consideration the evolution of the student in the most complete way. Both institutions promote the principals of pedagogical differentiation and value the personal development made by students during their academic years, a fact that led to the natural aspiration to celebrate this partnership.

The agreement states that Music classes will be given by a teacher from the Coimbra Music Academy, who will contribute with knowledge and experience to all the music activities with the aim of leading the students to see music as a vehicle for their emotions, which, in the long run, will give them a more complete artistic profile.

The Coimbra Music Academy will establish its own academy on the school’s premises with the goal of “converging all forces to promote music as an intimate moment as much as a collective one”. The immersion of specifically living and interpreting music is one of the main ideas behind the project that is led by Mr. Pedro Ferreira, who invites all his students to sore high in a place that we hope will be known as “the house which is ready to challenge you, to welcome you, to grow and make you grow with it”.